Skyddas holdning til den nåværende situasjonen i Ukraina

Nedenfor er viktig informasjon fra ledelsen i Skydda Group knyttet til situasjonen i Ukraina.

Regarding the current situation in Ukraine 

We strongly condemn the Russian attack at Ukraine. We think it is terrible and all our thoughts and support is with the Ukrainian people. We all want to see a quick end of this and to find a more peaceful relationship going forward as soon as possible. 

We have gone through our suppliers and customers and we have no business relationship in our supplier system with Russia today. On our customer side, Skydda Group have had one customer account in Russia but we have stopped all our businesses towards them immediately due to this situation. 

We strongly support the decisions taken of the government in all our active countries and follow the development closely in order to act in accordance to their recommendations. 


Jonas Peterson

Head of Skydda Group

Here you can find the letter as a pdf.